The Mission of the institute is to develop the art of agriculture
for the well being of mankind and to make the graduates of
high standard with managerial and professional competence in
harmony with the environment.

The institute is committed to establish itself as the centre of
excellence for agricultural studies and developing the leaders of
tomorrow for ensuring sustainable development relating to the
agricultural economy.

For achieving the goals the Udayan College of Bioscience and
Technology are to provide professional based education, basic
& applied research and also provide facilities for collaboration
with many other institutes or organizations at home and


Udayan College of Bioscience and Technology ( UCBT) is one of
the finest private colleges of Bangladesh situated at the well
known education city, Rajshahi.

The aim of this institute is to ensure the quality of higher
agricultural education for the student to make them self reliant
and worthy citizen of Bangladesh. The vision is to produce
world class graduates with skilled and cultivated mind in
Bioscience through quality education.

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