Department Of Fisheries

Department of Fisheries of Udayan College of Bioscience and Technology is the full fledged department for fisheries education. In order to meet up the demand for fisheries education and to translate the vast potential of fisheries in Bangladesh into real wealth, the Department of Fisheries is established.

Fisheries now play a major role in nutrition, employment, national GDP and foreign exchange earnings. Fish alone provides about 60% of animal protein and about 1.4 million people are directly employed in the fisheries sector. It also plays an important role is rural employment
generation and poverty alleviation.

Bangladesh is one of the leading fish producing countries in the world. This county ranked 3rd and 5th in position in inland open water capture and world aquaculture production respectively.

Bangladesh is endowed with very considerable marine, estuarine and inland waters and has sufficient fisheries resources with a wide variety of indigenous and exotic fish fauna. Among them open water fisheries resources are very much important for fish production.

The aim of the Fisheries department is to offer International standard fisheries education to the students to obtain 4(Four) Years Bachelor of Science (Honors) Degree in Fisheries.


Our goal is to teaching and research in different fields of fisheries so that the students on completion of their studies can contribute in the fisheries sector to raise fish production through scientific Aquaculture, and Aquatic Resource Management for meeting up the animal protein and nutrition requirement of the people.

After completion graduation (Honours) student can complete master’s degree from different government or private Agricultural Universities.

Our graduates have huge scope of job opportunities for academic Instructor and research assistant, extension work, development activities in many government or Private organizations.

Candidates having degree also can apply for the post of Biochemist, Biologist, DoF (Department of Fisheries under the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock), Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI),

Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation (BFDC), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC), Fish farms, hatcheries, feed mills, fish processing factories, etc.

Fisheries graduates are also eligible for appearing Bangladesh civil service (BCS) exam both in technical & general cadre.

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