Depertment of Microbiology

The study of the great variety of living organisms that are too small for us to see without a microscope-the microbes or microorganisms. It is emerging as the key biological science. It has become an umbrella term that encompasses many disciplines of study including the study of bacteria (Bacteriology), the study of fungi (Mycology), the study of parasites (Parasitology), the study of viruses (Virology). Also this area is concerned with the physiology, biochemistry, mocecular biology, ecology, biotechnology. Microorganisms provide the models used in molecular biology for research. This research at the molecular level has provided, and continues to provide, the answers to numerous fundamental questions in quality control and assessment of food and pharmaceutical products, genetics, metabolism and cell forms and functions. The department of Microbiology started its journey from the inception of Udayan College of Bioscience and Technology in 2020 as a core subject. The department offers a four-year Bachelor of Science (Honors’) [B.Sc. (Hon’s.)] program in Microbiology at the undergraduate level under the University of Rajshahi. The course aims to give the basic and detailed knowledge and understanding of important aspects of microbiology as currently applied in food, health and medical sciences ad industry, in the environment management, in biotechnology as well as in basic and primary research. We are dedicated to provide the quality education, through both teaching and research, necessary to meet the needs of this growing field. 

Job Field:
1) As scientific officer in Quality Control laboratories of pharmaceutical, food
and food related industries.
2) As scientific officer in private and public diagnostic laboratories and clinics
3) As a teacher in school, college, institutes and universities
4) As scientific officer/research fellow in institutes/colleges/universities.
5) Managerial position in research and clinical laboratories etc.

6) Eligible to appear General BCS and have jobs in different Departments of
7) Higher education and training opportunities with job opportunities at home
and abroad
Why choose our College:
-Full time senior and junior teachers
-Active Departmental Laboratory
-Air conditioned class room
-Multimedia in each class
-Air conditioned Library with internet facility
-Large own campus
-Collaboration with hospital in same campus

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