Department of Food and Nutritional Science

Food and Nutrition

Four years undergraduate program is offered B.Sc. (Hons) degree in food and nutritional science, conducted by the University of Rajshahi with their own curriculum. Food and nutritional science provides students with a diverse education in human nutrition and food science. Graduates of this subject will acquire a working knowledge of the fundamentals of science coupled with basic knowledge in food chemistry, food microbiology, food engineering, food analysis as it pertains to food manufacturing, preservation, storage and distribution.


Food is the basic human need and food industry is now a global business, where nutrition is the prime concern. Now a days food safety and security are being challenged by the global dimensions of food supply chains, the need for reduction of food waste and efficient use of natural resources.


Our aim is to prepare students for a leadership position in the food industry, academic & research field both in private & public sector.


The graduates of this discipline have better opportunities to build carrier in different government & non-government sector or research organizations and food industries. After having honour’s degree students may employed at atomic energy commission, BCSIR, BSTI, BSFIC, BARI, different beverage industries such as Pran, Akij food & beverage, Partex beverage, Square food & beverage and international organization like UNDP, UNESCO, FAO etc. Graduates of this field is eligible to apply in general & technical cadre in Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) also.

Fisheries now play a major role in nutrition, employment and foreign exchange earnings. Fish alone supply about 60% animal protein and about 1.4 million people are directly employed by the fisheries sector. 

Bangladesh is one of the leading fish producing countries in the world. Bangladesh ranked 3rd and 5th in position in inland open water capture and world aquaculture production respectively. 

Bangladesh is endowed with very considerable marine, estuarine and inland waters and has rich extensive fisheries resources with a wide varsity of indigenous and exotic fish fauna. Among them open water fisheries resources are very much important for fish production. 

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